Ciroc I Respect U Kind Sir

Little know fact about me: At a strip club one time drinkin Ciroc for the 1st time I spent the money I planned to spend then I went into my Stripper emergency fund…after more Ciroc the end result was me next using my credit card and bring my own lunch in a brown paper bag to work…Moral of the story Ciroc is a hella of a drug

My Mommy

#AwkwardMoment when You tell your child to answer the phone and say you not here and what they say “My mommy said she not here” Now you got to go on the phone w/ your phony voice & say “Heyy girl”

Lashes To Go

#AwkwardMoment when u give her a hug & her eyelash leaves with u…now u walking around w/ 3 sets of lashes like u about to rip the run way

Technology & “The Game”

Technology done messed the game all up now if u don’t say the right thing within the first few textes ur bound to get screen shot’d that’s y with replies like: Word, Really, Yea I’ll get u that Remy…Ur screen shot proof

Daddy Cooking Time

Making some Mac & Cheese for my daughter (cookin it up) after I was done she said “good job daddy ur a genius” Now idk if this lil girl took a shot at me on the low cause it was 3 easy steps make or what so I replied “uhh ok”

Contacts Phone Names

#AwkwardMoment When u see the name someone stored u as in their phone don’t let it be some freak shit…u can know ur the nastiest person & still get mad if he/she put some freak shit next to ur name

Safe Sextin is the Best Sextin

#AwkwardMoment u send that drunk text out & u get no reply back but u then realize u forgot to press the send button…moral of the story just send that pre game drunk text before u get drunk