Mind Triggers Host plays…Residents Evil Remake on PS4 & Random Conversation about women….

I just published the first episode of my new podcast! Listen to Mind Triggers on Anchor https://anchor.fm/mind-triggers9/episodes/Mind-Triggers-Plays-Resident-Evil-Remake-e33r12

Put your Hands up


I don’t know what’s in the water now a days but these kids lost their minds.

Christmas just passed and my son just wanted a Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation gift card ($50) to buy things while he’s playing Fortnight. In order for him to play this fortnight he must buy the PlayStation Plus (to play online). He spent $20 on V Bucks (money) on fortnight l, and I was going to put in the rest for his PlayStation plus membership which is $60.

I enter the card in but got a Declined message 😳

I entered the card in again and was Declined 🧐

Third time is always the charm right? Negative card Declined Again.

Now he’s looking at me with the dumb look πŸ₯΄

like if he stands there long enough he would become invincible. I asked him what happened to all the money on the card. He looks me in my eyes and tells me

I don’t know I just went crazy with the V Bucks ” πŸ€·πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ

At this point we need to touch gloves and square up like two Men and go crazy with these Hands.

Friends like mine….never pass up

I’m convinced I act the way I act cause the friends I inherited: I was being a good citizen & dropped a older lady home so today a unnamed friend asked me did I charge her that old box for my services smh πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Next unnamed friend had me putting her baby on Scared straight morning edition πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ s/o to the ppl that has no #NoJudas in their circle

Pretty Chick Court Chick

In court & started noticing the more attractive the female the worst the charges: one chick had a whole heap of tickets no seatbelt no DL even a leaving the scene of a accident…since when pretty chicks became so Thuggish so Lady Rage’ish…I blame World Star

2 of America’s Favorite Pass Times

At the strip club chillin & chillin when the DJ say “y’all make sure y’all tippin my ladies & bartenders…oh we selling Girl Scout cookies too”
Then I looked around & started seeing ppl drinking Ciroc & eating Short Breads
First Bitches & Bottles now Ciroc & Bread

Important Math

#AwkwardMoment when u ride pass his/her house then u get spotted…now u mad at yourself cause u didn’t pay attention in Algebra and your not sure how far is 100 feet is
“Restraining Order Yeah You Got Some Worries “🎢