Mind Triggers Host plays…Residents Evil Remake on PS4 & Random Conversation about women….

I just published the first episode of my new podcast! Listen to Mind Triggers on Anchor https://anchor.fm/mind-triggers9/episodes/Mind-Triggers-Plays-Resident-Evil-Remake-e33r12

Waiting For Your Candy Crush

Dude wife went out with her friends
2 guys 2 girls and her but told her to leave her husband home
I call that a “Sugar Crush” (Candy Crush)
She took the phone off & said I’m be back in the MORNING
Now he gotta wait his turn to get his own sugar
Moral of the story is Always have a back up game u can play when ur waiting for the old game to update

Wanna Feel Safe…Get A Go Phone

I’m convinced Barack fucked up somehow he got Michelle Spying on everybody’s cell phone records its like having ur girl working at the phone company & ur phone in here name…I’m getting a Go Phone like a Trap Star #UKnowUDoneFuckedUpNow


Grandpa Goldie

y’all thought pimpin was dead…how else u think ya grandma can afford sending u money in a card every year?

New York Greed

This New York Sen. got caught up in a corruption scheme for trying to buy the Mayor’s seat he said, “You pull this off, you can have the house…I’ll be a tenant.”
That just sound like something a brotha would say if I didn’t know what he look like 😂😂 he set us back 4 years in Politics
I bet they all put their tax return money together