Mind Triggers Host plays…Residents Evil Remake on PS4 & Random Conversation about women….

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Bathroom Etiquette

If you walk into a bathroom with three urinals and two (the ones on the ends) are occupied, you Must go into the available stall.
   If said stall is occupied,then proceed to the far east of the bathroom were you can be waiting to go next. At No time should you use the urinal in between those two men.
   The only time where you can use said urinal is in a dire emergency where you cannot hold it. In this case, you respectfully approach the urinal with your head down and your eyes on your own prize. Use the bathroom, wash your hands, and don’t ever speak of using that middle urinal to anyone.
   Prime example, during an afternoon of drinking and football, I went to use the bathroom. While in said bathroom, there was no one else in there. Of course l,
being the proper gentleman I am,  still went to the far left urinal. Another guy, who I previously thought was a gentleman, comes in almost stumbling to the urinal directly next to me. C’mon sir respect the rules and respect me as a man. My level of uncomfort instantly goes up because now I have to be on guard like if I’m using the bathroom in a prison. If I was a thug I would have peed on his leg but that wouldn’t have been the proudest moment in my life.

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Little Man Tall Problems

Dude wanted his girl out the house.
Come to find out this chick was 6’11 maybe like 250lbs and was tossing this dude all over the living room like they was in the WWF ( #oldschool )
MANN… i don’t what kind of work release program he found this chick at but he calls the police
What do u do with something like that u need Tranquilizer & a Boyz II Men album to calm her down
getting tossed around like u stole somebody’s W2 isn’t cool for the New Year
Moral of the story is…Don’t go on the ride if u not built Ford Tough


Capt. Save a…

Chick got beat up by her bf so he calls her and she tries to trick him on telling where he was at…she tells him my other man here & he wanna fight…this dizzy chick had the Audacity to ask me to act like I’m her other man so we can trick him to come over together…she must not know I’m not about beatin chicks up life…she must think we go together since I saved her…silly rabbit

Crop In Crop Out

U ever like somebody pic then realized u was cropped out the same pic…it’s all good till u get cropped out ya own dame pic