Breast Milk & Cookies

One of my BFF told me she was making Cho. Chip Cookies (yes exactly what I thought) ok make me a batch I’m outside right NOW !!! next thing I know I’m getting hit with a Disclaimer…U can have some but they “Lactation” cookies
Wait hold on pause for 3 sec.
So if I eat them then chances are I’m be producing Breast Milk in my near future?
I was so filled with emotion that only the only words to come to my mouth was “Mustard on the Beat Hoe”
Why idk but this isn’t what #BreastFedWicApproved stands for
#WhatAboutUrFriends #BreastMilkMaker


2 of America’s Favorite Pass Times

At the strip club chillin & chillin when the DJ say “y’all make sure y’all tippin my ladies & bartenders…oh we selling Girl Scout cookies too”
Then I looked around & started seeing ppl drinking Ciroc & eating Short Breads
First Bitches & Bottles now Ciroc & Bread