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I Like What My Wife Like: Polygamy Please

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On this episode of Mind Triggers we talk with a our guests newly weds”Sin & CJ”   

They tell us about if they would both agree to having a Polygamous relationship. 

“Sin & CJ” share a story when they first met and what what was the one thing that CJ’s uncle noticed about Sin.

“Sin & CJ” tells who they would have a threesome with and what are their rules. 

Mind Triggers Host plays…Residents Evil Remake on PS4 & Random Conversation about women….

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Put your Hands up


I don’t know what’s in the water now a days but these kids lost their minds.

Christmas just passed and my son just wanted a Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation gift card ($50) to buy things while he’s playing Fortnight. In order for him to play this fortnight he must buy the PlayStation Plus (to play online). He spent $20 on V Bucks (money) on fortnight l, and I was going to put in the rest for his PlayStation plus membership which is $60.

I enter the card in but got a Declined message 😳

I entered the card in again and was Declined 🧐

Third time is always the charm right? Negative card Declined Again.

Now he’s looking at me with the dumb look 🥴

like if he stands there long enough he would become invincible. I asked him what happened to all the money on the card. He looks me in my eyes and tells me

I don’t know I just went crazy with the V Bucks ” 🤷🏾‍♂️

At this point we need to touch gloves and square up like two Men and go crazy with these Hands.