Towel & Ass 

A bottle broke in my lunch bag so I went to the bathroom to get paper towels

As I’m running to the sink area because my friends are holding the elevator door for me

I go to the paper towel dispenser…one stroke two stroke 

I get the paper towels next thing you know I hear movement by the stalls

I see a grown man one out the stall into another stall with his grown bear Ass showing and his pants around his ankles wobbling to the next stall 

I thought to myself this can’t be life

I thought to myself this can’t be real

I thought to myself am I getting punk’d 

I turned around so fast I got the hell out of there because I didn’t want to be invited to that party 🎉 


Phone Digging 

I’m walking in the store focus on getting a case for my a IPhone 7. Walking in front of me was a lady going in the same direction as the phone cases. As she’s walking her hand come from her side & into the crack of her Ass. 

Ok I can deal with that maybe she got the inching because she wearing sweat pants  in 80 degree weather. 

After she Itches her hand the goes from Ass to Nose in all of matter of seconds. She smells it & looks around to see if anyone was looking. 

YES Miss I saw your nasty Ass this isn’t the Sixth Sense I CAN see you. We caught eye contact & I gave her the look as if she tried to buy clothes with Food Stamps. She later picked up a case for her Android phone and I started to feel sorry for her. It’s not her fault her phone catches Fire & has to resort to digging in her Ass in public, bless her Heart