Man’s Best Songs

Sitting in my Cubical and heard from the distance a hear a Dog bark 🐢
While in the background of that I hear some old school DMX playing
So I listened & listened and hear my
co workers in the Zone
Rapping & Barking
I think he felt like he was in that opening scene from Belly

Hugs R Us

Saw my friend’s Mom in the store today who I haven’t seen in about a year & clearly she doesn’t have an IG to stay up on the latest news with me
So she gave me the biggest Hug But the Best part is the Look in my friend EYES cause her Momma didn’t want to let go
So I looked my friend Directly in her Soul so she can make a mental note that MR #BreastFedWicApproved could have been her Step Daddy
This friend will remain Tag less to protect her Identity