Bus Ride After A Tough Loss

Losing an Loyal #SideChick is like…
Riding the Bus after ur car brakes down
U don’t like it & wonder How the F***
U got to that point in ur Life

2 for 1

Finding an Appropriate #SideChick is like
Finding a fav. App
When u find one u keep it
And use it daily…

New Chick Same Old Technology

A Good #SideChick is like getting the 1st IPod…
Ur excited to get one at 1st But when a new one comes out u hate to replace it

New Job New Friend

One of my long time friends just told me she works for the GOVERNMENT…
I instantly went in to Trapper mode & thought my phone was instantly Tapped
I thought she must be a SPY tryin to get my unlock code to my phone