Easter Sunday

It be the last prayer before it’s time to eat & she blessing Everything but the Food…ex: “Lord Thank u for helping us get our taxes in before the 15th cause without u it wouldn’t be possible” Happy Easter folks #FreeLunchRecipient #FutureAARPmember


Poor Plan Poor Players

Normally when u & ur Day 1 set up a double date u always set up a game plan. These 90’s babies need some guidance in that department. 2 dudes 2 chicks 2 beds 1 hotel. One dude makes the plan to act like they like each other (not 1 dude like the other female) but both dudes act like they like each other…Thinking that hopefully they would trick the females into thinking their not interested. Now it’s time to sleep each female have a bed and one dude thinks of the plan in his head to gingerly rub one female’s back as she sleeps…Thinking he’s gonna be up all night to get lucky. Of course she gets creeped out & the sleep over comes to sad conclusion
Moral of the story: U don’t rub their back as they sleep…u TAP their leg 3 continuous times & ask “U sleep yet? ”
Some of these 90’s babies need better role models
At least We had Rob Ross he taught us how to paint these chicks dreams #FreeLunchRecipient #BreastFedWicApproved #FutureAARPmember