Day Off From Life

My job allows me to see inside Ppls homes…
I should have known something was wrong when they gave a warning
She said “plz EXCUSE the house”
Not thinkin nothing of it cause she do have kids
Soon the door opened I was hit with a amazement of how many shit was on the floor
Almost like she said Fuck That My Husband got 2 jobs (Everybody Hates Chris)
Then come to find out the kids wasn’t there all week
Its like she “EXCUSED” herself from cleaning


Understanding The Understandment

Just wanna Thank the woman/men who didn’t caused any problems yesterday when it wasn’t ur day
But now ur day has come & u should enjoy it…the same way the other woman/man did
Thank You for ur understandment (not a word) it was recognized & appreciated

Feb 13th

As kids we were taught that Sharing is Caring
Now those same ppl don’t even want the other woman to at lease have the 13th
Let’s go back to the days where we shared toys, food, friends, even BF & GF