Stripper Money

ATL Gov. makes strippers pay for registering
That gotta be over 1M in Ass-istration & they still don’t have a salt trucks In the budget

Waiting For Your Candy Crush

Dude wife went out with her friends
2 guys 2 girls and her but told her to leave her husband home
I call that a “Sugar Crush” (Candy Crush)
She took the phone off & said I’m be back in the MORNING
Now he gotta wait his turn to get his own sugar
Moral of the story is Always have a back up game u can play when ur waiting for the old game to update

Little Man Tall Problems

Dude wanted his girl out the house.
Come to find out this chick was 6’11 maybe like 250lbs and was tossing this dude all over the living room like they was in the WWF ( #oldschool )
MANN… i don’t what kind of work release program he found this chick at but he calls the police
What do u do with something like that u need Tranquilizer & a Boyz II Men album to calm her down
getting tossed around like u stole somebody’s W2 isn’t cool for the New Year
Moral of the story is…Don’t go on the ride if u not built Ford Tough