Easter Greetings

#AwkwardMoment when you get caught trying to skip the line to drink the communion wine in church Now sister Jenkins looking at you…you looking at her because she want to ditch

Last Night Easter Fresh

Right now somebody is sitting in the front of church w/ the same outfit they wore in VIP last night

Important Math

#AwkwardMoment when u ride pass his/her house then u get spotted…now u mad at yourself cause u didn’t pay attention in Algebra and your not sure how far is 100 feet is
“Restraining Order Yeah You Got Some Worries “🎶

Old School Line F

Is this line still usable now a days? What would ur reaction be if somebody told They wanna “Sex U Up”…u gotta unfollow them from all social websites soon as they get up to use the restroom #BreastFedWicApproved #FreeSchoolLunchRecipient



Work Check List

Ask me how my night was…let me give ur ass a check list (Trinidad James voice)
1. Guy burns pots trying to make Romen Noodles…yep let that sink in
2. Dude takes his cloths off & gets all “Walking Dead” in the middle of the street
3. Guy meets girl on Tagged..Guy brings her to his house (after a week of IM)…Girl spends night…Guy is missing $100
I’m convinced she took that $100 cause his profile pic didn’t match his current face…

Teddy’s Job



How can u try to get it in w/ Teddy keep yelling at u…”Turn off the lights!! Light the candle!!!” He like a damn Supervisor…u get to the point where u say F’ it I’m let her drink this Sweet Bitch wine & i’m take my chances
#FreeSchoolLunchRecipient#BreastFedWicApproved #DoubleTapSoIKnowItsReal