That’s what friends are for

So I’m hustling these Girl Scout Cookies (#Thuggin) making it do what it do and my boy asked for the box called SAMOAS but he said let me get them SOMALIANS…now I think he’s working for the man
#BlackHistoryMonthMishaps #Boss

Know Ur Role

Every female in a group of friends has their own role they play Ex: The Driver: she the only one DL not suspended
The Pretty One: she gets that dudes to buy her & friends drinks
The Hater: She the Mutombo ✋ she not letting u infiltrate the group no matter what
Any other names?

My Saturday Morning

At McDonalds leaving out so I said GM to older lady (being the gentleman I am) she said GM back & then asked me if I love GOD so i said self “I do love GOD” & she slapped me w/ a Jehovah Witness flyer…DAMN I done got got for 2013 so what I do…got somebody else..No fair games when it comes to J.W. flyers